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FOCUSONE Logo FOCUSONE (F1) is a leader in the field of mobile application software development and related services. The company delivers powerful standards based mobile application service platforms for building mobile applications. By providing creative technology, solutions and services, it aims to cater to full customer satisfaction.

F1′s business objective and its mission are clearly described in its name. The numeral 1 means F1 always works with customers in unity and values its teamwork with best technology and unique services. F1 always approaches every new project with a fresh but proven new approach with precision and attention to small details.

F1 always try its best to become the customer′s true and reliable business partner by providing value added service to you. "Creative Collaboration" with customers is F1′s mantra. Creativity in solutions and strong teamwork are its assets.

We know creative business solutions emerge from innovative thinking. Clients are firmly positioned at the center at F1. We are not only committed to provide the best software and services available in the global industry, but also seek to become the best reliable technology partner.

The key focus of F1 is to provide full suite of solutions as per its client′s requirement. In the age of information and globalization, company′s need to automate their processes ranging from simple day to day task to forecasting markets and demands, assisting managerial decisions, is growing to equip them to standout in a competitive scenario. F1 aims to provide cost effective and appropriate technologies to empower them for the purpose developing solutions specific to their needs. As per client approach rather than generic solutions, FOCUSONE incorporates "Creative Collaboration" with its clients from project inception phase to final release making them part of the project and guaranteeing their full satisfaction.

FOCUSONE aims to assist organizations make use of appropriate technologies to excel their performance and grow while aiming to become a leader in mobile application software development. It aims to provide process automation solutions to empower organizations to standout in a competitive scenario.

For more information, visit us @ www.focusone.com.np