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This is a customized package. It provides the privilege to the user to design the package as per requirement. The above given packages have fixed mode of usability. But this package gives scope to add or deduct folders and groups according to users wish. It gives the features to manage application users with various roles.

The package has following features:

  • The message sent will be identified by a Code (2426)
  • The package allows the user to identify and design the number of contact groups needed.
  • The user can get the number of folders as per requirement.
  • View Message, Send Message
  • To send message, the contacts can be segregated into identified different groups allowing infinite contact space
  • To provide people an access to different types of information, identified number of folders are available. This is done via pull message. The SMS sender seeking particular information gets access to the contents updated.
  • Schedule the message to be delivered on a specified date
  • Send automatic reply to the senders
  • The automatic reply can be updated via SMS
  • Track detailed report of communication flowing

This package is ideal for users who propose to provide and receive information on a predetermined pattern.

Efficiency of this service:

  • This requires no installation of any software. Used over an online application.
  • User friendly
  • Instant
  • Confidentiality, security
  • 99.99% service uptime
  • Send message according to different group
  • Provide an array of messages to people
  • Guaranteed SMS delivery
  • Uninterrupted service. Any problems are addressed to within minutes.
  • Competitive price
  • Customizable