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This package allows to get information and updates from people on a web based application through SMS. A person or an organization cannot handle all the information and news if it flows at one time. Answering all the phone calls might not be possible. But getting access to all the information is possible with this web application. All the information received on this web application finds its source from an SMS. This SMS is sent on a shared short code (2426) which is identified with the user. An automatic reply is forwarded to every SMS received.

This package is ideal for organization that seek information, updates, feedback, suggestions from its stake holders. It can be used in schools as notice board. Teachers, students, parents can just SMS to 2426 with the school′s keyword regarding any issue.It can also be used by any service providing agency or organization.

With this web based application there is no room for distortion of any important information. This software gives you the platform to get information which can be fetched anywhere at anytime.

The package has following features:

  • The service runs on a shared short code (2426)
  • View Message: The package provides a default inbox.
  • Send automatic reply to the senders
  • The automatic reply can be updated via SMS
  • Track detailed report of communication flowing

Efficiency of this service:

  • This requires no installation of any software. Used over an online application.
  • User friendly
  • Instant
  • Confidentiality, security
  • 99.99% service uptime
  • Guaranteed SMS delivery
  • Uninterrupted service. Any problems are addressed to within minutes.
  • Competitive price